Born2be is the most broad and flexible concept and is in the transition process from being focused on shoes and clothing into a platform delivering wider set of assortments including Home and Beauty. With latest uncompromising branding campaigns – gaining its strong, young identity and became a serious alternate for major international players.


Born2be quickly became a rising star in Ukraine and managed to enter top Ecommerce group in the country. Positioned aligned with Polish mother – shop. Compromises the idea of setting trends in UA with a smart living approach of affordable goods in good quality. Currently in a stand by mode due to unprecedented events in Ukraine.

Born2be Romania

The youngest child within Born2be Family. Founded in 2021, made a major entrance to the market across all medias. Focused on well fashion oriented woman running young and modern households. Very active across social medias and its communities.


VICES is a brand well-known for selling and distributing footwear for all individuals -women, men and children. We are one of the biggest online footwear wholesalers, realizing orders locally and all over Europe.


Renee is oriented on the most trendy and fashion-aspiring TA.
Young females strongly influenced by Instagram create a loyal brand auditorium.