The very basis of our DNA is CHANGE

The company was founded in 2017
in Warsaw.

From the very first day it is financially independent and driven by shareholders that are actively participating in managing the company.

AZA in 2023:

5 mln

completed orders

220 mln

page views

115 000

SKU is currently on sale

20 000

shipments shipped daily

Aza Pillars:

Fashion product

Currently managing 30 000 SKU’s od fashion products, within category od Woman, Man, Kid, handling footwear, clothing and accesories. Experienced Product Team allows very rapid reaction on changing trends and demand within different markets.


Very efficient logistic center, operating 24/7, shipping up to 45 000 parcels/day with own Quality Control. Custom systems allow on operating within not standardised delivery operators as well as different models of cooperation with suppliers (resale, marketplace).

Customer Service

Well trained, multi lingual Customer Service Team is set to recognise first valuable Customer feedback. Operating via livechat, mail, call and providing feedback on all social media profiles of our brands.

Dedicated own systems

Fully customised systems designed to support business: Analysts Platform, Warehouse System, Product Catalog System, Buyer Platform


Own ecommerce engines

Both Born2be and Renee shop engines were designed custom for business demand and are being constantly improved by our UX/UI team.

Own logistics systems

Custom built systems that allow on simple integration of new delivery providers for any markets as well as activating new categories of products and models of trading products.


Highly recognised ecommerce
brands: Born2be®, Renee®, Vices®.


Custom built photo and video content manufacture. 12 photo sets, 3 social media studios and 2 video sets allow not only on displaying products on website within hours of  locating, but also shooting campaigns.


Team of analysts designing new layers of analysis regarding marketing, product performance, customer behaviours and preferences.

Marketing Automation

Team dedicated to enhance loyalty and engagement through web + app personalisation as well as email marketing channel.


We are driven by energy accumulated through team work – defining common goals, and pursuing them together. Azagroup is formed by experts in particular fields: outstanding personalities, creative minds and strongly motivated individuals that are not afraid to tackle most difficult objectives. We are more than certain, that it is only thank to our teams that we are able to fulfill expectations of our Customers.